Why We Bought Reverbnation Fans

I love everything about music. It touches me in such a deep place, and I have wanted to do nothing but have music be a part of my life since I was a child. Friends and I created a band when we were young teens, and we were actually quite good. As we got older, we just got better, but we were still just a small town band with little recognition outside our immediate area. We placed some original songs on Reverbnation, then we decided to buy Reverbnation fans so we could get even more people listening to us.

We did our homework on this, and we knew that getting noticed on social media is rare but not impossible. Just look at stars like Justin Bieber. Without social media, he would not be the star he is today. Sure, he needs the talent too, but there are so many people with talent who do not make it to the top. We did not want to fall into this category, which is why we started posting our original songs on Reverbnation. We were getting noticed, but we still had low numbers as far as plays and fans are concerned.

It is not because we are not good. We are! It is just because we were on fish in a very big pond. There are so many artists trying to get noticed, just like we are, so it takes more than just talent to get noticed. It takes numbers, which is why we bought fans. We knew that we would eventually get those numbers anyway, so we just took a shortcut in getting them. As our numbers started going up, our popularity did too. We still have not made it big, but I really do think it is just a matter of time before we do!

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