The New Web Page Went Live

It is a big day for the company, because we have in theory opened up a new page and we are going to be moving into totally new markets. Of course in reality we just bought a couple of smaller companies and then called it something else, but it is a new entity and we are trying to do things properly. Of course we had a lot of thought go into the name, the twitter handle had to be available too and we had already set out to buy twitter followers before the company even formally existed. The idea is that we want to break into the new field with a great deal of aplomb and then not make any mistakes. Of course we hired some smart young people straight out of college and they have been practicing how to craft the image and the message as carefully as possible. Of course it is not so easy to do this sort of thing in real time.

You can get into trouble if you are not careful doing this sort of job. The big thing is that you are not you on the Internet. You are the company and it’s marketing arm. You do not make policy and you do not have grudges against any person or idea. For instance you can be a very religious person in your private life, but your religious views can not be used in the social media unless they are the company’s views as well. You can not get mad at people because they are acting like jerks, like people on the internet generally are. Those people probably have very little to lose from their actions on the internet. A company can lose a lot and we are really determined to not make any missteps.

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