I Went to See Walt

I showed up at the airport about four in the morning and Walt picked me up in an old Packard. He told me what it was, apparently back in the forties this was the finest car a man could buy. He was not alone and he was not sober, there was a beautiful 20 something year old latina escort with him. I was not exactly surprised by this, Walt has given up acting like he cares what anyone else thinks. I got in the back and there was another girl back there, this one was Asian and perhaps even better looking. She immediately wrapped her arm around me. Walt laughed and said that he had never really thanked me for something that I had done for him around four years before. That was back when he and his board of directors were involved in a small scale war over a plan he had, an incredibly risky plan that eventually made all of them incredibly rich. Of course they had started out rich and the plan had the risk of changing that if it had fallen through.

At any rate I had no real logic for refusing. Milly and I have been separated for almost a year and the divorce is going to be final soon. I did remind Walt that when I backed him, I had done it for my own reasons. Unlike everyone else I had not had much to lose and I had ended up become fairly wealthy from my own part in this thing. He laughed and reminded me that Milly was going to end up getting half of everything, which was pretty much the truth. At any rate I wanted to finish the business. Walt was supposed to look at the paperwork I brought, but he just signed it and told me I was doing a great job of letting him live free.

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