Getting the Best Security System for Myself

I was looking at some CCTV kits on a website I had visited with the express purpose of purchasing a system. I really did not know very much about the kits or even the systems themselves, but I have always been a quick learner. I knew that I wanted to have cameras around the perimeter of my house after some petty crimes in the neighborhood. I learned that there are two different types of systems. The first is analog, and the second is IP. After reading of all the features that IP systems offer that analog don’t, I knew it was the type I wanted to have.

The next thing I had to figure out was how many cameras I wanted to have. I could order anywhere from just one up to 16 or even more if I needed that many. I decided that I wanted a camera at each door, which meant three. I also wanted one at the corner of my front porch that would access most of the front yard as well as one for my back porch to do the same to my back yard. Finally, I wanted one for my garage and driveway, so that was a total of six.

I wanted to have high resolution because I wanted to be able to see details on whatever images are captured. I then had to choose what type of lens I wanted. I liked the idea of being able to adjust the focal length myself so I went with the varifocal cameras. Finally, my very last decision was on the type of camera I wanted. I really liked the dome type of camera, and I was able to find the perfect system after using their online helper. For someone who knew very little about cameras, I sure did pick out the best system for what I wanted!

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