Getting Ready for Wrestling Season

I have started to think about how I am going to get ready for wrestling season and whether or not I am going to be able to bulk up so that I will be able to go up again light heavy weights. I have been looking at places where to buy Shakeology as that seems to be a good way to try to bulk up. Of course it was not the thing I had to do last year. I was wrestling down a weight class last year and I was always trying to sweat off a couple of pounds. Now I am going to be going up in weight class, because this guy from South Carolina moved in to our district. He is not any better than me, but he is smaller and this way neither of us is going to have to shed any weight. That is not any fun of course, especially when you really have to lose a lot of weights.

I did it almost every match last year. I would sweat off the weight until I was able to weigh in, then I would hop off the scales and start to rehydrate. It is really tough and you are a lot better off if you do not have to do it like that. In fact you can gain nothing by losing water weight and there is a big risk to that sort of thing if you are not very careful about how you do it. You can easily have a heat stroke if you are running around in a plastic bad long enough. It really does not matter how good of a shape you are in if you push your body further than it is able to take. That is only something that makes common sense.

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