How I Got over My Fear of Riding Horses

I used to feed carrots and sugar cubes to horses on my cousin’s farm when I was a young child. I was too afraid to ride them. However, I have always been interested in them and very fond of them. I just was afraid to ride. I got up on a horse once as a child and it was so high up there that I got afraid. Horses are tall creatures! Now, as a teenager, I ride almost every day and I have a full wardrobe of horse riding clothes. I have been riding since I turned 14, and have been competing in equestrian events since I was 16.

It took a gentle horse to get me to not be afraid of riding. That mare was such a kind personality from the first day I met her. She has been my horse since I first rode when I was 14. My mother and father got her for me, and they told me I could walk her or ride her, but I had to take care of her. It took me a couple of weeks before I actually would get up on the saddle. Then, after a successful ride around the inner walking area, we have set off on adventures ever since. I never thought in a million years that I would be in competitions with a horse that can jump.

I have come a long way since just feeding carrots and sugar cubes to horses I met at my cousin’s farm. Now I take care of one who is more of a friend to me than some people are. I can rely on her when we are out riding to actually keep me safe. She avoids trail hazards that I do not see, and she is not spooked by anything. I am glad I met this horse! She brought me out of my shell.

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