Cheap Plumber Services for Clog

The sink in the bathroom is horribly clogged and it drains so slow that it is worse than watching paint dry. It is incredible that it is just this slow at draining, and I am not sure how it managed to get this messed up, but I can’t seem to do anything that helps to relieve the clog. I have tried everything that i can think of and nothing has worked so I have no other recourse than to hire a plumber in Essex county NJ to come to my house and fix this clog, because I am not going to live my life with the sink being this clogged.

It is the sink that I have to brush my teeth in and such. I imagine that a large part of the reason that it is so clogged is that a lot of hair from my wife’s head has gone down the drain. I tried to use some liquid plumber stuff to get rid of it, and you would think it would be able to dissolve the hair. But I guess not, because that did not really seem to have any impact on the nature of the clog as far as I could tell.

I tried a bunch of other stuff as well, and none of it worked. I am kind of upset that I was not able to get it fixed on my own, because I consider myself to be pretty handy. This is the worst clog that I have ever faced in my life though, and I guess I know when I am beat. So I am going to throw in the towel and let a pro handle this one. I just hope to get the problem fixed and to move on from this as quickly as I can.

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